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Galvanize Roller Shutter
(3 inch slots)

The perfect curve slots for your security shutters, available in 20 and 22 guage. Could be used on any building.

Galvanize Roller Shutter
(see through slots)

This Roller shutter 3 inches slot, for both security and window showcase. Made especially for window and door showcase, for clothes stores, shops, businesses that showcase their products as a marketing method.

Lattice Shutter

This type shutter also for security as well as showcasing, which keeps the building cool as it allows air to pass through.

Shutter Accessories


Tired of working manually, simply add a motor to your shutter doors. More convenient and much easier, have a door runing just by a click of a button. Motors available in heavy duty and light weight. Both remotes and wall button press.

Operating Chain Hoist

This is also known as the chain gear, instead of pushin and pulling shutter with a stick, more easier and convenient to add a operating chain hoist, makes the shutter closed easier.Available in both Heavy duty and light weight.

American Round Lock System

Specially made for security. These locks are sold with a lock system which is installed and cannot be tampered with. Recommended locks for security shutters.

Bolted Side Locks

Very affordable locks for shutters and well secured.